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I thought of you when I read this quote from "Emboldened: A Vision for Empowering Women in Ministry" by Tara Beth Leach, Scot McKnight - "Sisters in Christ, it is my hope that you lead, teach, preach, shepherd, evangelize, and equip in the way that only you—in the Spirit—can do. And do it with confidence; do it with gusto." Start reading this book for free:
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Diamonds, God gave you a VOICE on purpose; therefore, USE it on purpose!!!

Strength in Weakness

I read a quote that says, "God gives the toughest battles to his strongest children."
I'm learning that He gives strength to His children who depend on HIM during their times of weakness. Diamond, be encouraged (esp. our supermoms out there) God doesn't expect you to be  strong all the time. You actually demonstrate strength when you can acknowledge when you're experiencing a period of weakness and can recognize when you need help.......Yes, you are still shining tears and all......
It doesn't make you any less than or takes away from you being a diamond.....
Remember, diamonds are created under pressure......A faith tried by fire is worth more than gold!!!

Happy Women's Day

Good Morning My Sisters!Happy International Women's Day!
Walk Out Your Purpose fully knowing that there  is nothing God has given us that we can't do even while wearing our best pair of heeled toe, flats, sneakers, etc (which ever ones you desire to wear in order to get the job done)!!! Continue to be great and never be afraid to WOW even yourself!!! There is a little girl some where watching us, being inspired by us and she will be relying on us for our strength, and our wisdom to get her to her next level of greatness in God--even if it's a level we may never reach for ourselves but will directly impact those that will stand on our shoulders propelling all of US into the future that will come after us! Remember, for every brick of adversity thrown your way, catch it and then use it to build a platform to make something great--not only to benefit yourself, but will reach backwards in order to help someone else!#LadieThisIsPrettyPowerfulAndSoAreYou
Your worst enemy is you....but it doesn't have to be!Continue to press on toward the mark!
The road is arduous at times but once you have accomplished your goal(s), while you are accomplishing your goals, watch the help God sends you, watch the brand new doors outside of the ordinary He will open for you all because you didn't give up or get stuck or hemmed up by allowing yourself to be limited no one else BUT YOU!Fight For Your Life Friday!
Diamonds, for every brick they threw at you, as the resourceful person you are, use those same bricks to build upon,  to kneel on, in order to pray for them, to preach and teach love and forgiveness, a platform where God can get the glory from especially when you allow Him to fight your battles, BUT never allow those bricks to slow down your momentum toward fulfilling your God-given purpose!
When it seems like there is no other way than to throw in the towel because you dont know any other outcome but can you hear the sound of the music playing in your ears, "Keep ln making a way, over and over again! Always bringing me out,  over and over again. LORD YOU'VE DONE SO MUCH, ALL TO YOU I OWE,  I WILL EVER SING YOUR PRAISE, GLORY TO YOUR NAME....YOU KEEP ON MAKING A WAY FOR ME!"He makes a way because He is a way maker, miracle worker, promise keeper, light in the darkness, my God, that is who you are!!You are the way, the truth and the life!
You cause mountains to fall!
Your name is Jehovah Jireh our provider!
Your name is Possible! Impossible for us to the extent where all we can do is throw in the towel it seems, but as long as Jesus is yet alive and you can access Him thru prayer, IT AINT OVER,  UNTIL GOD SAYS SO!You may not know how he is going to do it. He may not do it the way you expect Him to do it.  But know He will prove Himself to be faithfu…