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I read in my morning devotional something that caused me to pause. When you are in crisis, it will reveal what you put your trust in.When I was going through some of the darkest times in my life, I used to turn to sex, and material things. I also thought that money would solve all of my problems when in fact, it added to my problems.It wasn't until I gave my life to the Lord and became intentional to allow my life to be hidden in Christ.  I no longer desired to want to be controlled by anything other than the Holy Spirit, because sex, material things and money only made my problems worse. They also negatively impacted my relationships with those closes to me.  In essence, turning to anything other than God in a crisis escalates and further frustrates the situation. You learn over and over that you cannot trust in those things because they so more harm than good physically, spiritually, emotionally,  psychologically.When I turned to Christ in my chaos and crisis, I found peace even…
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You never know when someone needs a HUG, especially your waitress. She said, "You wouldn't be able to know this, but I needed that." God knew...God always know what we need when we need it. Her boss thanked me after watching me give her a warm embrace and said, "We are are so thankful you came into today," but I was just as blessed because I yielded myself to the leading of the Spirit!Then I was reminded of how much work there is for the church to do outside of her four walls (myself included) and if we but yield ourselves to the Spirit's leading we can really turn this world upside down!More emptying of ourselves can lead to more of the Spirit's filling and leading to be agents of change in our communities,  nation and the world.
When the circumstances seem to dictate that the odds are against you, it just simply becomes a great recipe for God to do what seems to be impossible for man, BUT not too hard for Him!Can I get just one person to clap your hands to the Lord and say, "Amen?"If it's possible with GOD, THEN ITS SETTLED!
Diamonds,  your focus should never be to rub elbows with those in power, but to humbly serve in the capacity He has called you! Watch beloved, in due season, God will exalt you to places and positions that you thought was dependent on others! However, there is some truth to this.....the right Person in fact, is the one who called you to your position of purpose in first place--Jesus! Keep your eyes and your undivided attention on Him!If He said it, believe it! You can ALWAYS take God at His word!#BeKneeDeepInService
Bitterness gives off the false impression that you'll feel better after you've been hurt, but it's counter-productive to the healing work that God desires to do in and throughout our lives.
Regardless of how many degrees we obtain, the more it becomes apparently clear, that there is STILL an inexhaustible amount of wisdom and knowledge about God that we have yet to understand.  However, He can be known through His Son Jesus the Christ in a personal, and intimate way. The knowledge we obtain about God through His Son is not so much about us as much as it is about how much knowledge we have gained in order to GIVE IT AWAY in order that those who are without Him, may know how BIG His ❤HEART❤ is toward THEM as much as it is toward us!!!The more we know, the more we grow, the more we ought to be able to show the LOVE of GOD through His Son JESUS!
I thought of you when I read this quote from "Emboldened: A Vision for Empowering Women in Ministry" by Tara Beth Leach, Scot McKnight - "Sisters in Christ, it is my hope that you lead, teach, preach, shepherd, evangelize, and equip in the way that only you—in the Spirit—can do. And do it with confidence; do it with gusto." Start reading this book for free: