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Diamonds, its easy to keep your eyes the Lord when all is well but God trains those who are His to keep their eyes on Him in all circumstances. We must allow ourselves to totally depend on Jesus especially when we are walking in rocky terrain BUT if we keep our eyes, if we keep our minds stayed on Him He will provide us with the perfect peace we need to weather any storm! I declare, "Regardless of how it looks in the natural, it will be well with my soul bc I purpose, we must purpose to walk in the Spirit of God!"
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DIAMONDSđź’Ž, its not a matter of TRYING, but DOING! You don't just try and put on your panties, you just Do It! The same applies to OBEYING JESUS CHRIST OF THE BIBLE!
Thank and praise God for those in your company that you can confess your sins to rather than condone your evil behavior. Why? Because pleasing God is always at the forefront of any relationship and the relationship that sets the tone for all other relationships in their lives.....No corruption here, but thank God for the good company He has surrounded you with my beloved daughters!
Be careful how you follow....
If you are not careful, you can follow to a fault and be guilty of following someone working outside of the will of God. How will you know? Refer to your life's instruction manual -- the Bible.Allow God's word to be the last word and the standard by which you live by.....Love you and encouraging you all to live a life that is pleasing to the Lord and not man!Only One Person died on the cross for your sins and that was Jesus who purchased you with his blood; therefore you have been bought with a price and you are not your own. Remain faithful to God and watch how He will bless your life!
Diamonds, when God says He will never leave you nor forsake you, He meant it. He is not only available, and present but He will send you some help to navigate the rocky terrain. Just continue to hold on to His unchanging hand!
Diamonds, without persecution, there is no purification, no purging, no depth of perception in God, no pushing and no pressing you further into advancing His purpose and plans for your life!In Christ's Name I pray,
Amen!Be encouraged daughter in the Lord!
"Now all glory to God, who is able to keep you from falling away and will bring you with great joy into his glorious presence without a single fault," Jude 1:24. (NLT)REMEMBER, GOD LOVES YOU AND HE WILL SEE YOU THROUGH!